Nicole Shahinian-Simpson is one of the only 11 riders to win both the ASPCA Maclay National Championship and the AHSA/Medal Championship, two of the United States’ most prestigious titles for junior riders.

She was given the nickname “Catch Riding Kid” as a junior for her ability to compete on horses she had never ridden and win. Nicole became famous for retiring every best child rider trophy at all the major horse shows in the US.

She made her Grand Prix debut on the 1993 Florida Circuit qualifying of the American Invitational making history again as the youngest rider to ever compete, once again riding a horse she never competed on before.

As an extraordinary double-award winner, Simpson has continued to climb the ranks of equestrian competitors. Following a successful career as a junior rider in the East, she moved to the West Coast where she continued to place well in major Grand Prix events. She rode in the World Cup Final for the first time in 1997.

Nicki has competed in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Europe with major wins and placings, culminating in 27 career Grand-Prix victories thus far.

Other Career Highlights and International Record

  • Winner of 2010 WEG Trials
  • Member of the winning Nation's Cup Team in Rotterdam
  • Short List for the 2008 Olympic team
  • 7 World Cup Finals, including highest placed US Rider in Gottenberg, Sweden
  • North American Leading Rider Award at Spruce Meadows
  • Member of the US Team at the 2002 World Equestrian Games, Jerez, Spain